• Finance and Development

    CER initiates comprehensive studies on the subjects of current economic importance for the Republic of Uzbekistan and the world economy in terms of macroeconomic, financial and economic development...

  • Governance and Development

    CER provides necessary assistance and advice for promotion of institutional reforms in Uzbekistan for further modernization of state, economy and society...

  • Social Policy

    The Center provides assistance in the development of social environment and enhancement of social conditions in Uzbekistan...

  • Information Policy

    In an effort to serve as a platform for an interactive dialogue between government, international and business community, Center designs and implements various tools that facilitate a productive communication...

  • Macroeconomic Modeling and Statistics

    CER utilizes innovative macroeconomic forecasting and analysis methods in order to provide the best policy advice...

  • Trade and Industrial Policy

    Experts at CER utilize innovative research methods and prepare analytical documents to investigate the latest policy trends in international trade and industrial development, and provide sound recommendations...

Hot topics

Promoting energy efficiency of buildings in Uzbekistan

Promoting energy efficiency of buildings in Uzbekistan

Compared with developed countries with similar climate conditions, the potential for energy savings in buildings in Uzbekistan is more than 50% annually. The results showed that the planned volumes in the country for new construction and renovation through the introduction of energy-saving measures in residential and public buildings by 2030 could provide annual energy savings of up to 35%.

Ensuring general access to preschool education

Ensuring general access to preschool education

The concept of general access to preschool education, which means the provision of free education for children aged 3 to 6 years, was accepted almost everywhere in European countries of OECD. In this regard, the public network of preschool institutions is developed much stronger.

Appearing of transaction costs

Appearing of transaction costs

In Uzbekistan government has made great efforts for better business climate through improving the quality of public services and reducing transaction costs. In this regard it is very interesting how does transaction cost appear?

Approaches for regional development

Approaches for regional development

In order to identify the existing potential for the development of regional industrial production special calculations have been made. The calculation was performed basing on four factors which showed the greatest relationship with the growth of industrial production by the results of the primary analysis.

Latest research

  • The Millennium Development Goals

    The Millennium Development Goals

    As a signatory to the Millennium Declaration, Uzbekistan is fulfilling its promises to address the challenges outlined in the MDGs. The Government recognizes the relevance and acuteness of these challenges in the national development context. The Government, in collaboration with donor community and the civil society, has embarked on the process of formulating its own national MDG targets and indicators.

  • Uzbekistan Towards 2030: A New Social Protection Model for a Changing Economy and Society

    Uzbekistan Towards 2030: A New Social Protection Model for a Changing Economy and Society

    At this new stage of development, social protection has to become an effective tool to stimulate transformative processes in the economy, society and institutions.

  • Vision 2030

    Vision 2030

    The work on preparation of structural reforms of Uzbekistan for the 2030 period "Vision-2030" started in the frames of joint initiative of World Bank and the Government of Uzbekistan, also with support from UNDP. CER has been selected as one of the main national partners to develop this concept.

Latest News

“Vision 2030” Working group meeting

“Vision 2030” Working group meeting

On September 17, a next meeting of the working group, involved into the development of the "Vision 2030" Uzbekistan’s Long-term Development Strategy was held at the United Nations Development Programme Country office.

Governments discuss sustainable development in Geneva

Governments discuss sustainable development in Geneva

Uzbekistan’s Governmental delegation is in Geneva on September 15-16 to discuss how the UN countries’ development will be evaluated after 2015 amid to accelerate the progress of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CER recommendations on urbanization in Government decision

CER recommendations on urbanization in Government decision

On the basis of the decree of the President #PP-2200, adopted on July 3, 2014, "On additional measures for the implementation of state-owned small businesses and private entrepreneurship", small industrial zones will be soon created in a number of regions of Uzbekistan.

CER presented Uzbekistan on a workshop in China

CER presented Uzbekistan on a workshop in China

On July 4-24, two CER experts presented Uzbekistan on a workshop on economic development in the region which took place in Beijing, China. The Workshop "Models of economic growth in countries of Eurasia" was held under the leadership of the Academy for International Business Officials of the Ministry of Commerce of China.