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Hot topics

The importance of small towns

The importance of small towns

Small towns and urban settlements (with a population of 50 thousand people) make up the bulk of cities of Uzbekistan. At present, they account for 68% of the total number of cities, about 8 million people, or about 25% of the total population, live there.

Challenges and prospects of the Pension system in Uzbekistan

Challenges and prospects of the Pension system in Uzbekistan

The distinctive feature of the pension system of Uzbekistan is the high delivery rate to people of retirement age (over 75%), which has been supported in the country, despite the challenges of the transition period and the global financial crisis in 2008-2010. This indicator puts Uzbekistan in one line with developed countries, though its economy is still developing. It is not a secret that many emerging markets are characterized by the lack of comprehensive pension systems.

Changes in Tax Policy of Uzbekistan in coming 2015

Changes in Tax Policy of Uzbekistan in coming 2015

It is known that the tax policy in 2015, as in previous years, will be aimed at: further reducing of tax burden for business and households; at the simplification of the tax system; at the strengthening of revenue share if local budgets, and strengthening tax administration measures.

Home-made VS School Breakfasts

Home-made VS School Breakfasts

British nutritionists have come to a curious conclusion after making a nutrition research of school children. It turns out that food, cooked by professional school chefs and based on recommendations of nutrition specialists, is much healthier for children than breakfasts that are cooked at home and given by parents to school. Scientists have found that children, who constantly eat at home or bringing food with them, have an increased level of cholesterol and blood sugar compared with a group of students eating at school.

Latest research

  • Uzbekistan in major international ratings: current positions and ways of improving them

    Uzbekistan in major international ratings: current positions and ways of improving them

    Despite rapid economic growth, relatively high social costs, and market reforms, Uzbekistan is not even in the top hundred countries in most of the international ratings. Even with the overall positive direction, the improvement dynamics of positions of Uzbekistan falls behind dynamics of other developing countries, including many post-soviet ones.

  • The Millennium Development Goals

    The Millennium Development Goals

    As a signatory to the Millennium Declaration, Uzbekistan is fulfilling its promises to address the challenges outlined in the MDGs. The Government recognizes the relevance and acuteness of these challenges in the national development context. The Government, in collaboration with donor community and the civil society, has embarked on the process of formulating its own national MDG targets and indicators.

  • Vision 2030

    Vision 2030

    The work on preparation of structural reforms of Uzbekistan for the 2030 period "Vision-2030" started in the frames of joint initiative of World Bank and the Government of Uzbekistan, also with support from UNDP. CER has been selected as one of the main national partners to develop this concept.

Latest News

Significance of small towns development in Uzbekistan

Significance of small towns development in Uzbekistan

On March 25, the Economic Research Center conducted an expert Round Table discussion on issues of spatial development in Uzbekistan with the assistance of experts from responsible ministries and agencies, parliamentarians, research institutes, national companies and international organizations.

Meeting with the Manager of "Eurasia" Program

Meeting with the Manager of "Eurasia" Program

On March 20, 2015 CER management held a welcoming meeting with the "Eurasia" Program Manager, Mr. Dario Citati. The main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the issues related to integration processes in Central Asia, as well as the position of Uzbekistan on certain geopolitical issues.

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany visits CER

Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany visits CER

Today, on March 12, 2015, CER management met with the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, Mr. Neithart Höfer-Wissing, during his visit of courtesy to the Center. The meeting was also attended by the Third Secretary of the Embassy on Economic Affairs and Cooperation in the field of Development Assistance, Mr. Silke Mahler.

Uzbekistan in international ratings

Uzbekistan in international ratings

"Uzbekistan in international ratings. Why and how to improve its positions" was the title of Round Table held on March 5, 2015 at the Center for Economic Research. In recent research, CER analyzed over 40 most popular international ratings, identified the most influential of them, and also considered the positions of Uzbekistan in those ratings, where it is represented.