The National Human Development Report 1998

The main goal of the 1998 Human Development Report is to analyze the role of the state in economic, social and democratic reforms in the period of transition to a market economy. State policy in Uzbekistan is strongly socially oriented. Social policies are being implemented throughout the country today with programmes on gas and drinking water supply; development of rural infrastructure; development of small and medium businesses; aid to poor families and large families; training programmes in education, health, law, etc., many of which are expanded upon in the sections of the Report.

Leonid Polishchuk, Deputy Director, IRIS Center, University of Maryland, USA

"Indeed, CER is a “collective resource” for donors and international development agencies in Uzbekistan. The Center maintains strong leadership among public policy analysis units. It has reached organizational maturity and accumulated valuable professional and institutional assets, including strong reputation, trust and credibility with stakeholders, good outreach channels, capable team of policy analysts, and necessary project management expertise."