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Press-release: Round table on: “Improving land use system in the Republic of Uzbekistan”


Press-release: Round table on: “Improving land use system in the Republic of Uzbekistan”

In September 30, 2008 a round table on discussing the policy brief on “Improving land use system in the Republic of Uzbekistan”, developed by experts of the Center for Economic Research (CER), was held in the Center. Representatives of interested ministries, institutions, international organizations and CER staff took part in it.

Effective use of limited agricultural land and their unique role in supporting the livelihoods of the population is the most important element of food security of the country. Solving this issue is one of the strategic priorities of sustainable development in the economic and social areas. Only 4.1 mln. hectares (9,16% of the territory) of the country’s land make arable lands, out of which 3,3 mln. hectares, or 7.45% are irrigated lands. Considering the country’s limited land and water resources and the population growth rates, shrinkage of plow land per capita will consist in the future as well; in light of these facts, studying the land use system in the country and working out proposals on preserving and improving the land resources of the country gain particular significance.

“Land reform gave a colossal impulse for development of the economy as whole, certain results were achieved. Now, at a new stage in order to keep agricultural production growth rates it is necessary to motivate farmers to invest in land”, said Bakhtiyor Ergashev, CER’s research coordinator.

Current situation in the land use system of the country, pressing issues of preserving and improving the quality of land resources, preventing degradation of soils, necessity of creating economic stimuli for investing in improving quality and productivity of land, supporting and perfecting the existing system and material-technical basis of irrigation and melioration.

Also, problems of farmer and dekhkan entities, ways of solving them, the role of the state in regulating the issues of targeted use of land and water resources were discussed. Such issues as rotation of crops as a factor of preserving the quality of lands, necessity of developing the institute of Association of water users, responsible approach to land and water resources were raised. The participants of the round table stressed the urgency of the raised problems, their importance in providing the country’s food security.

Proposals on improving the situation with land and water use in the country were made, measures on stimulating investing in land resources, on improving rent relationships and other pressing issues have been suggested. These proposals will be reflected in the policy brief of the Center, issue of which is planned by the end of October of this year.

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