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  • New issue of Economic Trends Uzbekistan bulletin (3Q 2017) is now avaliable

New issue of Economic Trends Uzbekistan bulletin (3Q 2017) is now avaliable


New issue of Economic Trends Uzbekistan bulletin (3Q 2017) is now avaliable

Quarterly issued informational and analytical bulletin "Economic Trends: Uzbekistan" is the only publication in the country that presents a comprehensive, systematic analysis of the ongoing economic transformations, the emerging trends in socio-economic transformation and modernization in Uzbekistan within the most accessible form. The edition is especially useful in situations where it is necessary not only to know the numbers, but also to know their origin, to understand why certain trends develop in the country's economy. It is the only analytical publication that offers statistical information from various ministries and other public agencies. In its core the publication is a sectoral and regional statistics collection, labor statistics, banking and budget statistics, dynamic change statistics on the securities market and small business over a number of years both in absolute and relative terms.

The bulletin was developed in close cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank, the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan, and other government departments. It is based on official statistics. The appendix contains a list of legislative acts adopted in the period under review, as well as key events in the country's economy. 

The bulletin is intended to be accessible for a wide audience: civil servants, experts, scientists, businessmen, teachers, students, as well as representatives of public and international organizations, the private sector, civil society and other stakeholders. Thematic sections reveal the indicators of development of foreign economic activity, the private sector, as well as industries and regions of Uzbekistan.

You can purchase this publication directly via the CER sales department or via subscription agencies in Tashkent.

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Economic Trends Uzbekistan 3Q 2017: Contents